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VLN Scholarship Campaign
August 1, 2016

Dear Members and Friends of the Virginia League for Nursing:

Thank you for your support of the Virginia League for Nursing (VLN). In 2011, the VLN reactivated its status as a Constituent League of the National League for Nursing. Since our reemergence, the VLN has provided excellent ongoing continuing education for nurses and nursing faculty in Virginia. The VLN continues to promote excellence in nursing education and is committed to building a diverse nursing workforce to advance the nation’s health.

I am delighted to share that this year, the Board of Directors committed to reestablishing the VLN Scholarship Program. In the past, the Virginia League for Nursing has been active in awarding scholarships to individuals who are enrolled in a program of study leading to a career in nursing or continuing their education in nursing. We look forward to continuing this tradition.

We need your help.  Will you consider donating to the VLN Scholarship Fund?  The Virginia League for Nursing is a 501(c) (3) organization; meaning that donations to the VLN are exempt from federal income tax. Your tax-deductible donation - 100% - will be used to provide financial assistance to deserving individuals desiring to make a difference in the profession of nursing.

Individuals who donate to the VLN Scholarship Fund will receive recognition at the Virginia League for Nursing Annual Meeting and their name will be listed as a contributor on the VLN website. I look forward to acknowledging your support of nursing education and your active involvement in our scholarship fund.

Thanks for your support of nursing education in Virginia!

LauraLee Whitten
President, Virginia League for Nursing

Complete this portion of the form and attach your scholarship payment:

Level of Sponsorship: □ $25       □ $50       □ $100       □ $200       □ $250       □ Other Amount: ________________

Name: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________

Address: __________________________________________________________________________________________________


Please send your completed Scholarship Support Form to:

Virginia League for Nursing – Scholarship Program
P.O. Box 1136
Spotsylvania, Virginia 22553-1136

A printable version of the VLN Scholarship Support Form 
can be accessed by clicking on the link below
To donate to the VLN Scholarship Fund by debit or credit card, click on the donate button to the left.